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APAP launches Sustainability Planning Process to shape our future

The performing arts are at a critical point in the life of our sector and APAP’s placement within and service to the field is essential, so it is important at this moment to consider APAP’s identity and capacity. APAP also wants to ensure its sustainability moving forward and right-size itself doing what we can and should be doing given available resources.

To make this a reality, APAP is working alongside ADC Consulting to create a Sustainability Plan that syncs a set of carefully researched strategic priorities with a series of actionable steps toward long-term sustainability. Founded by cultural strategist and advocate, and former executive director of Dance/NYC, Alejandra Duque Cifuentes, ADC Consulting equips mission-driven organizations to create long-term cultural impact through research, grantmaking, advocacy, project management, and organizational change. Ms. Duque Cifuentes will work alongside research and planning consultant Carrie Blake to guide APAP through the process.

The Plan will be developed through a series of five phases from October 2023- August 2024. It aims to be expansive and future-forward to respond to changing organizational capacity, the current state of the field and economy, and our commitment to center racial, equity, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion in all we do. Our vision is to chart bold, ambitious, and just next steps for the future of APAP!

To ensure APAP remains accountable with the community of artists, agents and presenters that we serve, APAP has established a Sustainability Planning Committee (SPC) to steward the entire process. The committee is composed of 14 people from the APAP board, staff, and you, our members! They include:
Most importantly, we want to hear from you and center your voices, experiences, and desires for the future. We have designed a series of engagement opportunities so you can also be a part of this sustainability planning process.

First, during this year’s conference, please visit our APAP Sustainability Planning Booth located at Booth #128 on the Rhinelander level of the EXPO Commons to connect with members of ADC Consulting’s team and share your feedback. Those who participate in any of the activities will be entered in a drawing to win a free conference registration and more!

In the coming weeks, we will also be launching the APAP Membership Survey and hosting focus groups. Stay tuned for information via emails from APAP. This is a good time to make sure your contact information and membership are up-to-date to make sure you can take the opportunity to share your input.

Have questions? Contact us at
Image of dancer looking up towards the light facing mirror
Artist: Barkha Patel
Work: Ramti Aave
Agency/Management: Barkha Dance Company
Genres: Dance, kathak: traditional and contemporary
Presenters: Barkha Patel
Description: Ramti Aave is about surrendering to Kali's playfully destructive power to access the erotic. This work acknowledges the complexities of shifting our narratives towards pleasure and aligning our lives with our truest desires.

Kali’s transformative power, represented by the words and voice of Audre Lorde, reminds us that as humans we are entire systems wired for pleasure and the cruciality of harnessing the erotic in our everyday experiences for personal and collective liberation.

The development of this work has been based in an intentional process of cultivating and experiencing pleasure through experimentation in kathak movement, soundscapes, set design, and costumes.
Fees: $18,000 plus air travel and hotel for 8 people, plus costs of shipping set elements
Booking Contact: Barkha Patel,
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